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The Color Purple

The Color Purple


by Alice Walker

The Color Purple Letter Sixty-Three Summary

  • Tashi’s parents are upset that she is growing a rebellious spirit because of her friendship with Olivia.
  • Nettie asks if Tashi is lazy at home. Her parents say that Tashi works very hard.
  • According to Tashi’s parents, the problem is that the girl isn’t actually internalizing anything they teach her. Nettie thinks to herself, "Aha. Tashi knows she is learning a way of life she will never live."
  • Nettie tries to explain to the parents that the world is different now and that women can have a place in the world. However, Tashi’s father angrily insists that women always have a place— with their husband, father, or brother. Women like Nettie, who have no men, are pitied and looked down upon by the Olinka.
  • Tashi’s father also doesn’t respect the missionaries. He said they’ll probably get sick and won’t last through the rainy season.
  • Nettie says that African men remind her of Pa.
  • Tashi’s father tells Nettie to send Tashi straight home if she shows up. He says that Olivia can come over to their hut and learn to be a woman.

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