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The Color Purple

The Color Purple


by Alice Walker

The Color Purple Letter Sixty-Nine Summary

  • Celie writes to Nettie. Now Celie’s entries are addressed "Dear Nettie" instead of "Dear God."
  • Celie and Shug dress up and go visit Pa. The house now looks really nice and there are lots of trees and flowers blooming.
  • Pa looks surprisingly young, but not as young as his new fifteen-year-old wife, Daisy.
  • When Celie asks where the kids are, Pa says that his second wife ran off with the kids ages ago. Smart woman.
  • Celie tells Pa that she knows he isn’t her real father. Daisy says that he’s such "a old sweetie pie" to have raised to girls that weren’t even his own.
  • Pa is wealthy now because, unlike Celie’s real father, he knows how to deal with white people. He gives them a cut of the money he earns.
  • Celie asks where her real father was buried. Pa says he’s buried right next to her mother. Both were buried without a marker.
  • She looks for her parents’ grave but can’t find anything to indicate the site where they were buried.
  • Shug says to Celie, "Us each other’s peoples now."

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