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The Color Purple

The Color Purple


by Alice Walker

The Color Purple Letter Seventy-Eight Summary

  • Celie visits Harpo and Sofia. She is so different now that Mr.__ doesn’t even recognize her when she passes by the house.
  • Sofia and Harpo argue about women pallbearers at Sofia’s mother’s funeral. Harpo thinks it’s silly and inappropriate, but Sofia says she’s going to be a pallbearer no matter what.
  • Celie knocks and Harpo and Sofia let her in.
  • They discuss Mary Agnes, who is now a regular singer at several clubs in Memphis.
  • Harpo says that Mary Agnes has changed, "Her mind wander. She talk like she drunk." Apparently, Mary Agnes has been smoking a lot of reefer with Grady.
  • Grady grows, smokes, and sells weed.
  • Little miss innocent Celie introduces Sofia and Harpo to weed and they all get stoned together. Damn, has she changed.
  • At the funeral, Sofia and her sisters do serve as pallbearers.

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