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The Color Purple

The Color Purple


by Alice Walker

The Color Purple Marriage Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

He come home with a girl from round Gray. She be my age but they married. He be on her all the time. She walk round like she don’t know what hit her. I think she thought she love him. But he got so many of us. All needing something. (4.1)

Pa gets married to a young woman; the love she thought she had for him doesn’t last long in the face of familial needs. This marriage is less about love than about Pa wanting sex and a woman to take care of his children.

Quote #2

Sometime he [Pa] still be looking at Nettie, but I always git in his light. Now I tell her to marry Mr.______. I don’t tell her why.

I say Marry him, Nettie, an try to have one good year out your life. After that, I know she be big. (5.2-3)

Celie sees marriage as a way for Nettie to escape from Pa. However, she also sees marriage as ultimately unfulfilling, because once pregnant, a woman is chained to raising her husband’s children.

Quote #3

Mr.________ come finally one day looking all drug out. The woman he had helping him done quit. His mammy done said No more.

He say, Let me see her again.

Pa call me. Celie, he say. Like it wasn’t nothing. Mr.________ want another look at you.

I go stand in the door. The sun shine in my eyes. He’s still up on his horse. He look me up and down.

Pa rattle his newspaper. Move up, he won’t bite, he say.

I go closer to the steps, but not too close cause I’m a little scared of his horse.

Turn round, Pa say.

I turn round. (8.11-18)

Like a cow, Celie is sold into marriage. Mr.__ doesn’t love her, he just wants a woman to take care of his children.

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