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The Color Purple

The Color Purple


by Alice Walker

Mr.__ Timeline and Summary

  • Mr.__ starts looking at Nettie in church. He asks for her hand in marriage. When Pa says no, he accepts Celie instead.
  • Mr.__ teaches Celie to be obedient by beating her.
  • Mr.__ kicks Nettie out of the house and says that Celie will never hear from her again.
  • Mr.__ brings his mistress, Shug, to the house. She’s sick and he expects Celie to help her get well.
  • Mr.__ thinks Shug is going to buy him a new car for Christmas with all the money she’s been making, but she brings a new husband instead.
  • Mr.__ tells Celie she’s worthless when she tells him she’s leaving him.
  • Mr.__ gets religion and begins to change. He repents of keeping Celie and Nettie separate for years and sends Celie the rest of Nettie’s letters. He starts being kind to the people around him.
  • Mr.__ and Celie become friends. He even asks her to marry him, for real this time, but she says no. He finally admits he was jealous of her relationship with Shug.
  • Mr.__ becomes Albert and he’s part of Celie’s family now. They are good friends who enjoy sewing together.