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The Color Purple

The Color Purple


by Alice Walker

Sofia Timeline and Summary

  • Sofia comes to meet Mr.__. She’s visibly pregnant. She insists the baby is Harpo’s and tells Harpo that when he’s free of his daddy’s interfering, she and the baby will be waiting.
  • Sofia and Harpo get married and Sofia comes to live in the little shed that Harpo fixes up as a house for them.
  • When Harpo starts beating her, Sofia confronts Celie about the sin she did to her. She says it’s tough to live in a man’s world but she will fight to the bitter death for her rights as a person if she needs to.
  • Sofia leaves Harpo.
  • Sofia returns one night to visit Harpo’s jukejoint. She hauls off and hits Harpo’s live-in lover, Squeak, when Squeak tries to make problems with Sofia.
  • Sofia ends up in jail after "sassing" the mayor’s wife. She’s beaten so badly, she’s lucky to be alive.
  • Sofia works in the prison laundry. She says she’s just like Celie now—subservient.
  • Sofia ends up serving the remainder of her prison sentence working for the mayor’s family.
  • Sofia and Harpo get back together.
  • Sofia’s mom dies and she is one of the pallbearers, along with her sisters.
  • Eleanor Jane, the mayor’s daughter, keeps coming around. She sees Sofia as a second mama. Eventually, Sofia gets her to see the problems between black and white in the area, specifically the problems Sofia has with white people.