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Come Sleep! Oh Sleep

Come Sleep! Oh Sleep


by Sir Philip Sidney

Come Sleep! Oh Sleep Resources


Sidney Bio

A brief but thorough biography of Sidney—they should make a movie out of this stuff.

Astrophel and Stella

Read the complete, tragic love story right here, folks.

History of the Sonnet

Wow, that's a lot of information about sonnets. We wonder who got this domain name.

Sidney-Spencer Discussion List?

Now this is for those who really want to take their love of Sidney to a whole new level.


One Man's Interpretation

Are those candles supposed to make it look like this guy is residing in the sixteenth century?

A Bit About Sidney

While this was filmed in front of his ancestral home, we don't think this is a professional film.


Dramatic Reading

We like this somber, throaty interpretation from a tired-sounding reader.


Famous Painting

Is that collar to keep him from licking his stitches?

Handsome Sidney

This is a good one.

Don't Judge a Book…

Check out the title page of the first edition of Astrophel and Stella (1591).

Sidney's Final Sleep

Here's a drawing or etching of Sidney's death in the Netherlands.

Articles and Interviews

Sidney and Lady Penelope

You can order the whole article if you like what you see here.


Astrophel and Stella

Lolz—the publishing company is called Dodo press.

The Lady Penelope

Check out this book about Lady Penelope Devereux, Sidney's supposed love interest and "model" for Stella.

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