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The Comedy of Errors

The Comedy of Errors


by William Shakespeare

The Comedy of Errors Act IV, Scene ii Summary

  • At E. Antipholus’s house, the women are a mess. Luciana tells Adriana about E. Antipholus’s proclamations of love to Luciana. Adriana wants every dirty detail of her husband’s trespass. Luciana admits that S. Antipholus’s words were exactly the right kind to win a girl – if a girl were to be won, of course.
  • This continues on for a while, with Adriana declaring her hatred for E. Antipholus in turn. Adriana’s moaning over how much she hates her husband for leaving her is cut off by Dromio, who arrives out of breath.
  • In twisted and rather delightful exasperation, S. Dromio explains that Antipholus has been jailed. Dromio can’t explain the details exactly, but collecting the bail money from Adriana, he rushes off. Adriana is left to wonder at why her husband is locked up, not that it excuses him from his philandering.

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