The Comedy of Errors
The Comedy of Errors
by William Shakespeare

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The first public performance of The Comedy of Errors was basically a flashmob, thrown onto an unsuspecting audience. Shakespeare, still a relatively new playwright, presented the piece during the Christmas festivities for some law students and bigwigs. The players took the stage among bustling chaos, and the hectic content of the performance matched the crazy ambiance of the festivities.

The Bomb-itty of Errors is a kind of hip-hopera version of The Comedy of Errors, and has successfully toured everywhere from Off-Broadway to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It began as a college art class assignment.

The 1982 Bollywood adaptation of The Comedy of Errors, called Angoor (meaning grapes), is a well-loved classic in India. In typical Bollywood hyperbole, it features a stolen necklace, a snuff addiction, and – you guessed it – grapes.

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