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Feeling disoriented about your upcoming placement tests? Not sure in what direction your college-level courses will take you? Got lost and accidentally went on a grueling 10-mile hike instead of taking a leisurely half-mile stroll? We can't help you with that last one, unfortunately, but we can help you sharpen your knowledge in mathematics, reading, writing skills, and essay composition for the ACT COMPASS placement exams. Bring some trail mix; it's about to get real.

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What's Inside our Online COMPASS Test Prep:

Test-Taking Tips

Dominate the COMPASS tests with our comprehensive review and specific strategies for Mathematics, Reading, Writing Skills, and Writing Essay. Learn how to love our new computer overlords, how to navigate math that ranges from "Meh, easy" to "Holy buckets, are these even numbers," and why you're going to get really good at writing letters to schools/school boards/the chamber of commerce/PEOPLE Magazine/[insert institution here].

Two Full Practice Exams

Preparing contingency plans for how to best randomly answer questions as the clock's winding down? Don't. The COMPASS tests are usually untimed, which is great news for those of you who have always wanted to spend the night in a testing center!* Still, prepare for the experience by taking (as long as you want) on our two practice exams.

*Just kidding. Don't bring a sleeping bag to the testing center. Finish the test and go home to your family.


Can't decide if you need to spend more quality time with Numerical Skills/Pre-Algebra or Algebra? Not sure if you're closer to Reading or Writing Skills? It's okay; we have a hard time picking favorites, too. Take our diagnostic tests to figure out which subjects are your BFFs and which are your frenemies.

Practice Drills

The best way to brush up on concepts that might appear on the COMPASS is to:

(A) drill.
(B) drill.
(C) drill.
(D) drill.
(E) drill.

Test Dates

Varies according to institution.

Beefalo have an innate sense of direction, but I'm still going to prepare for the COMPASS exam with Shmoop.

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