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Computing Derivatives
Computing Derivatives
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Derivatives of More Complicated Functions

Since most functions are complicated, we need some more rules. Next: how to find derivatives of functions that
were built by taking sums, products, and quotients of simpler functions.

The "prime" notation will become more useful as the functions become more complicated. If we have some expression

then we can write the derivative of that expression as


Sample Problem

(x2)' denotes the derivative of x2.

Sample Problem

If f(x) = 5x + 6, then f'(x) and (5x + 6)' mean the same thing.

Sample Problem

(4sin(x) + ex)' denotes the derivative of 4sin(x) + ex (we'll know how to find this soon).

Be Careful: Whenever possible, simplify the function before finding its derivative.

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