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1. Which of the following statements is true?→The sum of all exterior angles in a triangle is always equal to two times the sum of the interior angles in the triangle.
2. Under what circumstances are equilateral triangles acute?→Always
3. Under what circumstances are isosceles triangles equilateral?→Only when the isosceles triangle is right
4. According to the Exterior Angle Theorem, which of the following is true?→Exterior angles are the supplements to interior angles
5. Which is true about scalene triangles specifically?→They are always acute
6. A triangle has angle measurements of 80° and 92°. What is the measurement of the final angle?𔾼°
7. Which of the following is false?→A triangle can have a maximum of two obtuse angles
8. If one of the exterior angles of a triangle equals 73° and one if its interior angles is 29°, what are the measures of its three angles?󑴥°, 78°, 107°
9. If two of the interior angles of a triangle add up to 45°, what kind of triangle must it be?→Obtuse
10. An isosceles can never be which of the following?→Equilateral
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