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Congruent Triangles Resources

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Constructions in Geometry

What do we mean when we talk about "construction" in geometry? No need to bust out your hard hat or anything. All we mean when we talk about construction is creating a particular line or shape using only a straightedge (like a ruler or the spine of your 20-year-old textbook) and a compass (not the kind that points north). This website can help you construct whatever geometric figure you might need. Use caution though, since it's still a construction site.

Pythagoras: A Biography

Pythagoras is like a celebrity in the world of geometry. Just like meeting Paul McCartney or Sting, you might want to get a little background on his life before you're formally introduced. You'll get to know him really soon, so this biography will give you more than enough information on what he's all about.

Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers

How many centers does a triangle have? It's not like a circle that only has one center. In fact, you'd probably be better off asking how many centers a triangle doesn't have.

Hardest Easy Triangle Problems

Think you have what it takes to solve the hardest easy problems in geometry? If you can master these few problems, you know you're in good shape. (Is the hardest easy problem the same as the easiest hard problem? We'll debate while you work it out.)


Translation and Reflection Song

Do you remember the lyrics to every catchy pop song you've ever heard, but still have trouble memorizing the congruence transformations? Boy, have we got the solution for you.

Step-by-Step Triangle Proofs

Having trouble with the SSS, SAS, ASA, and AAS congruence rules? Not sure how to organize your proofs about triangles? Got nothing better to do? Ultra-clear explanations and easy-to-understand proofs are comin' your way fast.

SAS Whoa!

Are you ready to headbang to some triangle congruence? You'll dig the baseline, feel the vocals, and love the concepts. Once that melody is stuck in your head, you'll be ready to rock

Games and Tools

Classifying Congruence Transformations

Think you know about congruence transformations? Test your knowledge of translations, rotations, and reflections and be sure you can shift, turn, and flip shapes and visualize congruence.

Which Triangles Are Congruent?

Pull out those S's and A's, because you'll need 'em to prove all these triangles are congruent. Make sure you know the triangle congruence rules down pat, and these questions will be a breeze.

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