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Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology: You Might Need To Conserve Your Energy For This True or False

1. What is species richness? -> The genetic diversity of a particular species.
2. Which is currently the biggest threat to biodiversity? -> Acid rain
3. What does intrinsic value mean? -> Species are more important for conservation if they have higher intrinsic value.
4. What is the term for the functions nature provides to humans? -> Ecosystem services
5. What is an ecological footprint? -> The area of land and water that is necessary to support a given lifestyle
6. Which method is used to estimate the number of breeding individuals in a population? -> Effective population size
7. Which part of a habitat fragment is usually of the lowest quality? -> The interior
8. What is bycatch? -> The non-target fish and other organisms caught while fishing for one particular organism
9. Which of these pollutants bioaccumulates? -> Methane
10. Which best describes the resource conservation ethic? -> Private organizations should manage land use.