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Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology


1. Which habitats are currently being lost most quickly?→Temperate forests
2. In which part of the atmosphere does "good" ozone occur?→The upper atmosphere
3. If you were managing a habitat that was fragmented, what would be an appropriate action to conserve the species that live there?→Create corridors between habitat fragments
4. If an area has lots of endemic species and high species richness, it is likely to be a:→A National Park
5. Which environmental problem has gotten a lot better since 1990?→Habitat loss
6. Which law requires US federal agencies to assess the environmental impact of their actions?→The Clean Air Act
7. Which person wrote a book on the detrimental effects of DDT on wildlife?→Rachel Carson
8. Which seafood product is not farmed in a sustainable way?→Shrimp
9. When did people start burning fossil fuels in large quantities?→The industrial revolution 150 years ago
10. Which compounds deplete atmospheric ozone?→CFCs
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