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Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology: You're Entering the Twilight Ozone Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Conservation Biology? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. Which habitats are currently being lost most quickly?

Temperate forests
Tropical forests
Mediterranean forests
Coral reefs
Arctic habitats
Q. In which part of the atmosphere does "good" ozone occur?

The upper atmosphere
The middle atmosphere
The lower atmosphere
The whole atmosphere
Nowhere—all ozone is bad.
Q. If you were managing a habitat that was fragmented, what would be an appropriate action to conserve the species that live there?

Bulldoze habitat fragments that are close together
Create corridors between habitat fragments
Sell off the habitat fragments that are farthest away
Introduce non-native species that might be able to breed with the natives
Turn the habitat fragments into oil palm plantations
Q. If an area has lots of endemic species and high species richness, it is likely to be a:

Biodiversity hotspot
Polluted area
Fragmented habitat
Marine Protected Area
A National Park
Q. Which environmental problem has gotten a lot better since 1990?

Habitat loss
Acid rain
Invasive species
Q. Which law requires US federal agencies to assess the environmental impact of their actions?

The Clean Water Act
The Clean Air Act
The Endangered Species Act
The National Environmental Policy Act
The Constitution
Q. Which person wrote a book on the detrimental effects of DDT on wildlife?

John Muir
Rachel Carson
Henry David Thoreau
Gifford Pinchot
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Q. Which seafood product is not farmed in a sustainable way?

All of the above are harvested sustainably.
Q. When did people start burning fossil fuels in large quantities?

The agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago
The dawn of the middle ages 1,000 years ago
The industrial revolution 150 years ago
The information revolution 50 years ago
The internet revolution 10 years ago
Q. Which compounds deplete atmospheric ozone?

Carbon dioxide and oxygen
Water vapor