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Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology: Don't Worry, Our Questions Are Not Endangered True or False

1. If we stopped emitting greenhouse gases at our current rates, what would happen? -> The Earth would immediately slip into an Ice Age
2. Which type of organism is most at risk from overexploitation? -> Alage
3. What idea best describes the underlying concept of management of public lands in the US? -> Wildlife belongs to the people.
4. Earlier flowering times in the spring is a result of: -> Overhunting
5. Which threat to small populations do conservation biologists combat with breeding programs? -> Habitat destruction
6. One method effective in reversing habitat loss is: -> Laws that regulate pollution
7. Forests in Tierra del Fuego have been destroyed because of -> Invasive beavers
8. Which of these activities does the Environmental Protection Agency do? -> Set limits on air and water pollutants
9. Conservation depends on: -> All of the above
10. An endemic species: -> Is in danger of going extinct in the near future