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Constantly Risking Absurdity

Constantly Risking Absurdity


by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Constantly Risking Absurdity Resources


The Ferlinghetti Facts

They're yours for the reading at Poets.org.

City Lights

This awesome bookstore is Beat-central. Well worth a stop if you're ever in SF.

The Poet as an Acrobat

For Ferlinghetti, this is what being a poet is all about.

Ferlinghetti Doesn't Like the Label "Beat"

We often equate him to the Beat movement for obvious reasons, but the poet isn't about labels when it comes to his own work.

Racy Literature

After publishing Ginsberg's "Howl" in 1956, Ferlinghetti was arrested the following year on "obscenity charges," says the NY Times. Told you he breaks the rules.

"The Time of Useful Consciousness"

Ferlinghetti wrote a book-length poem that discusses corporations ruling the people, and the fact man is "greedy and badly educated," says The San Francisco Chronicle. So the poet's job is more complicated (and controversial) than we thought.


The Poet on the High Wire

Here's a cool reading of the poem.

LF in the Flesh

Here's a reading by the man himself. And it's good example of the poet's conversational style.

Ferlinghetti Gets a Documentary

Check out this short trailer for his documentary film.

Articles and Interviews

"The Angry Old Man"

If Ferlinghetti doesn't like the music that's matched with his poetry in A Coney Island of the Mind, he tends to get a little miffed.

"The Beat Goes On"

The movement still has some movement and so does the slogan "be here now."

"Golden Verbs and a Silver Tongue"

Even his interviews (interviewers) sound cool.


A Coney Island of the Mind

Here's the complete collection, with our favorite, "Constantly Risking Absurdity."

Poetry as Insurgent Art

More on breaking rules and doing so with a purpose in mind. That's the Beat way.


This novel by Ferlinghetti revisits the artist's search for an ideal, like, say, Beauty?


A Cool Artist Sketch of the Poem

Check out what the high wire's made of.

The Charleychaplin Man

Okay, so LF doesn't look anything like the guy. But hey—at least he's got the chapeau.

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