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Constitution Reading Quizzes

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

Principles of Government


1. What was the Framers' main problem with the British monarchy as a system of government?
2. What was the Framers' main issue with the Articles of Confederation as a system of government?
3. What were the goals of the Framers when writing the Constitution?
4. What were some of the influences of the Founding Fathers while writing the Constitution?
5. What are the four key principles embodied in the Constitution?


1. There was too much power centralized in the King and Parliament alone, so tyranny seemed inevitable.
2. The Articles of Confederation were far too feeble, and couldn't handle the serious social and economic problems that were threatening the United States.
3. To create a government with neither too much nor too little power, so that it could straddle the delicate balance between tyranny and disintegration -- a more powerful government, but one that could keep itself in check.
4. Classical and Enlightenment philosophers of republicanism, as well as their history as British colonial subjects and living in a (failing) republic.
  1. Limited government
  2. Separation of powers
  3. Checks and balances
  4. Federalism