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Constitutional Convention Images

The Law of the Land

The United States Constitution.

Signing the Constitution

Howard Chandler Christy, "Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States," George Washington presiding, in Philadelphia on 17 September 1787, on display in the U.S. Capitol.

The Site of the Convention

Nicholas Scull and George Heap, A Map of Philadelphia and Parts Adjacent (1752); the first published view of Independence Hall (known then as the Philadelphia State House) where the Constitutional Convention was held.

The Father of the Constitution

James Madison, "Father of the Constitution" and fourth president of the United States. Philada. (Philadelphia): W.H. Morgan, [between 1809 and 1817].

Elder Statesman of the Convention

Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790. Portrait by Chas. Wilson Peale.

The Champion of the Aristocracy

Gouverneur Morris, 1752-1816, etching by Albert Rosenthal after a copy by Marchant from painting by T. Sully.

Know Your Rights

The American Civil Liberties Union: Illustrated guide to the Bill of Rights.

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