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Continuity of Functions

Continuity of Functions

Continuity of Functions Exercises

Continuity at a Point via Formulas

It's good to have a feel for what continuity at a point looks like in pictures. However, sometimes we are asked about the continuity of a function for which we're given a formula, instead of a pict...

Continuity on an Interval via Pictures

Remember, f is continuous on an interval if we can finger paint over f on that interval without lifting our drawing digit. Sample ProblemLook at the function f drawn below: The function f is c...

Continuity on an Interval via Formulas

When we are given problems asking whether a function f is continuous on a given interval, a good strategy is to assume it isn't. Try to find values of x where f might be discontinuous. If we're ask...

Continuity on Closed and Half-Closed Intervals

When looking at continuity on an open interval, we only care about the function values within that interval. If we're looking at the continuity of a function on the open interval (a,b), we don't i...

The Informal Version

Have a graphing calculator ready. Sample ProblemGraph the function f(x) = 2x. This is a polynomial, which is continuous at every real number. In particular, it's continuous at x = 4, with...

The Formal Version

When we graph continuous functions, three things happen:We are given a continuous function f and a value c. We decide how far we wanted to let f(x) move away from f(c).We restricte the values of x...


Boundedness Theorem: A continuous function on a closed interval [a,b] must be bounded on that interval.There are two numbers - a lower bound M and an upper bound N - such that every value of f on t...

Extreme Value Theorem

Maximum and Minimum ValuesThe maximum value of a function on an interval is the largest value the function takes on within that interval. Similarly, the minimum value of a function on an inter...

Intermediate Value Theorem

Intermediate Value Theorem (IVT): Let f be continuous on a closed interval [a,b]. Pick a y-value M with f(a)
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