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by Neil Gaiman

Coraline Chapter 6 Summary

  • When Coraline wakes up, she's confused and disoriented. Then she remembers what happened and knows she's in the other world.
  • She gets dressed and finds a lot of really cool clothes that she'd love to have at home.
  • Coraline puts the stone that Miss Spink and Miss Forcible gave her in her pocket; as she does this, she notices that her head starts to clear up a little. Finally, something good.
  • Coraline's other mother is busy fixing the doors to keep the cat out, so she decides to talk to her other father instead.
  • He looks sort of tired and weird today. He tells Coraline that her other mother "made" the house and the grounds and then waited for Coraline. Talk about planning ahead.
  • Her other father refuses to say more, so Coraline goes exploring and finds a strange snow globe with two people inside it.
  • She then goes outside and walks to the edge of the world the other mother had created: beyond the house and the yard there is just mist and... nothingness. So it's not even a whole world.
  • The cat comes to talk to Coraline again, but she gets upset when it chases after a rat and torments it before eating it. Not cool, cat.
  • Coraline goes back inside and looks for her parents in the mirror again, but they aren't there. That's no help.
  • Her other mother comes up behind her and says they should play a game, and Coraline notices that the other mother doesn't have a reflection in the mirror. Whoa.
  • Coraline tells the other mother that she wants her real parents back.
  • The two argue back and forth for a while.
  • Finally, the other mother gets fed up: she opens up the mirror and puts Coraline inside. Uh oh.
  • She tells Coraline she can come out when she's learned her manners and is ready to be a loving daughter. Now that's what we call a nasty time out.

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