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by Neil Gaiman

Coraline Jones Timeline and Summary

  • Coraline moves into an old house and starts to explore.
  • During her explorations, she discovers a weird door with a brick wall behind it.
  • That's about all the excitement, though: Coraline's parents and neighbors tend to ignore her and she's just plain bored most of the time.
  • One day, Coraline goes through that strange door and ends up in another world, where she meets her "other mother" and "other father."
  • In this new world, her other parents and neighbors pay a lot of attention to her. Her other mother even makes her some super delicious food.
  • Just one problem: the other world is weird and totally scary. Example: everyone there has black buttons for eyes. You get the idea.
  • Coraline decides to head home, but when she gets back to the real world, her parents have disappeared: they've been kidnapped by the other mother.
  • She knows what she has to do: Coraline returns to the other world to rescue her real parents.
  • While she's there, she meets three ghost children who have been trapped in the other world for years. Now she wants to save them, too.
  • Coraline decides to challenge the other mother to a game. The rules go like this: if Coraline can't find the children's souls and her parents, she'll stay in the other world forever. If Coraline wins, though, they all get to go free.
  • After some close calls, Coraline manages to find all the kids' souls and her parents.
  • But, being a totally evil villain, the other mother won't let her leave.
  • Too bad, other mother: Coraline makes a run for it with her new feline friend, and – whew – makes it home.
  • It turns out the other mother's hand has followed her back to the real world, but don't worry: Coraline has something up her sleeve.
  • She lures the other mother's hand to a deep well and gets it to fall right in. Ta-da!
  • Finally, the adventure is over: Coraline has definitely saved the day.