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Coraline Fear Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

Coraline was too close to stop, and she felt the other mother's cold arms enfold her. She stood there, rigid and trembling as the other mother held her tightly. (5.91)

Poor Coraline runs toward what she thinks is her real mother and ends up stuck in a hug with her menacing other mother. The beldam is so much like her mother that sometimes Coraline forgets to be afraid of her.

Quote #5

She closed the door and hauled the toy box in front of it – it would not keep anyone out, but the noise somebody would make trying to dislodge it would wake her, she hoped. (5.146)

Coraline's actions here reveal just how desperate and scared she is. Even though she knows the toy box won't do much, putting it in front of the door at least makes her feel a little better.

Quote #6

Her long white fingers fluttered gently, like a tired butterfly, and Coraline shivered. (6.92)

Shivering is a really common way in literature to show that a character is scared. Especially next to the beautifully creepy description of the other mother's fingers, this is a very poetic sentence.

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