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by Neil Gaiman
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Coraline The Home Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

It was different from her bedroom at home. For a start it was painted in an off-putting shade of green and a peculiar shade of pink. (3.69)

Why do you think the other mother makes Coraline's other room this way? What about Coraline's room at home makes the beldam think she'd prefer it this way?

Quote #5

Coraline woke up in the night. She went into her parents' bedroom, but the bed was made and empty. The glowing green numbers on the digital clock glowed 3:12 A.M. (5.22)

The imagery of her parents' empty bedroom highlights just how alone Coraline is, even in her own home. As cozy and inviting as a home is, an empty home can be equally as scary and unwelcoming.

Quote #6

She crept back into the silent house, past the closed bedroom door inside which the other mother and the other father [...] what? she wondered. Slept? Waited? (5.145)

The other parents' mysterious bedroom is in sharp contrast with the bedroom of Coraline's real parents, a place that she can go into as she pleases and where she can even sleep.

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