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Corinna's Going A-Maying

Corinna's Going A-Maying


by Robert Herrick

Corinna's Going A-Maying Theme of Lust

May Day is about the birds and bees, both literally and figuratively. Winter's over, nature's roaring back to life, and the budding boys and girls of Corinna's village are doing the same thing. But even with all the jokes about green-gowns and picked locks, this holiday isn't just about sex. There's honest-to-goodness courting going on in "Corinna's Going A-Maying," as well as some serious wedding planning. This lust is community-building and moment-seizing.

Questions About Lust

  1. Has the speaker been in bed with Corinna? Is he still in bed with her? How can you tell?
  2. Is May Day more about love or lust? Is there a difference?
  3. Does the speaker want to marry Corinna? Or is he only interested in bedding her outside?
  4. Is there any evidence that Corinna lusts for the speaker?

Chew on This

Try on an opinion or two, start a debate, or play the devil’s advocate.

The speaker is more consumed with lust for life than with lust for Corinna.

May Day is mostly a holiday about sex. Or at least, that's what ol' Herrick would say.

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