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Corinthians Questions

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.

  1. Considering Paul never even met Jesus during his lifetime, do you think he gets too much airtime in the Bible?
  2. Do you think Paul was really a "weak" preacher?
  3. How do Paul's thoughts on communion influence churches today?
  4. Were you surprised to read Paul's thoughts on marriage and celibacy?
  5. Why are Paul's letters letters?
  6. Check out Paul's thoughts on charity in 2 Corinthians 8-9. How does this apply to modern folks?
  7. Do you think Paul is portraying the position of the false apostles accurately?
  8. What do you think happened on Paul's painful visit?
  9. How would you feel if people were still reading your texts or emails 2,000 years from now?
  10. Why do you think there were so many divisions in Corinth?
  11. Do Paul's thoughts about the resurrection of the dead make sense?
  12. What do you think Paul's tearful letter said?
  13. Why is Paul so annoyed with the false apostles, but doesn't mind other folks, like Apollos and Cephas, muscling in on his territory?
  14. What do you think of Paul's arguments about his apostolic authority? Is he convincing?
  15. Can you pick out all Paul's references to the Hebrew Bible?
  16. Why does Paul hate bragging so much?
  17. Do you think the Corinthians get a bad rap because of Paul's letters?
  18. What do you think was the main cause of the division in Corinth?
  19. Do you agree with Paul that we can find strength in weakness?
  20. Who do you like better—calm Paul or angry Paul?
  21. How does Paul's background and life story inform his view of Jesus?
  22. Is Paul too harsh to sinners?
  23. What would a letter written by the false apostles sound like?
  24. The early Christians argued about food a ton. Is this still an issue for modern Christians?

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