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Coriolanus Act 5, Scene 2 Summary

  • At the Volscian army's camp just outside of Rome, Coriolanus prepares for battle.
  • Menenius shows up to do some good old-fashioned begging but first he has to get past a bunch of Watchmen.
  • The Watchmen don't believe that Menenius is a friend of Coriolanus so they give him a hard time.
  • When Coriolanus shows up, Menenius tries to appeal to him as the guy who always treated him like a "son."
  • Coriolanus is not having any of this. He says he'll have his revenge against Rome. Then he disowns his entire family: "Wife, mother, child I know not," he says.
  • When Coriolanus storms off, Menenius is totally crushed.
  • The Watchmen take the opportunity to rub it in.
  • About two seconds go by and Menenius gets mad. He curses Coriolanus and the whole Volscian army.

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