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by William Shakespeare

Caius Martius Coriolanus Timeline and Summary

  • 1.1: Coriolanus shows up at a riot and calls the plebeians a bunch of names.
  • 1.1: The Roman Senators send Coriolanus off to fight a war against the Volscians.
  • 1.4: Coriolanus leads his troops to defeat the city of Corioles and single-handedly kills a bunch of enemy soldiers. Woohoo!
  • 1.8: Next up, our hero squares off against his arch enemy, Tullus Aufidius, on the battlefield. He defeats him but doesn't get a chance to kill him. Bad move, Cor.
  • 2.1: Back in Rome, Coriolanus is an even bigger war hero than before. He decides to run for consul.
  • 2.3: Coriolanus begs the plebeians for their votes and gets them. His humble act doesn't really go over, and he still manages to insult the plebs.
  • 3.1: Uh oh—looks like the plebs want to take their votes back.
  • 3.3: Coriolanus gets exiled from Rome. Not good, Shmoopers.
  • 4.5: Outside Rome, Coriolanus joins up with the Volscians and Tullus Aufidius.
  • 4.6: We find out Coriolanus is leading an army against Rome. By now, we're pretty sure things are going to end badly.
  • 5.3: After his family begs him not to destroy the city, Coriolanus agrees to show mercy to Rome.
  • 5.6: Coriolanus returns to the city of Corioles and is accused of treason against the Volscians. Oops. Guess that didn't work out.
  • 5.6: Tullus Aufidius and the Conspirators kill Coriolanus, but it's cool because they give him a nice burial.