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by William Shakespeare

Coriolanus: Quotes (What Was Said) True or False

1. Who said "the breasts of Hecuba, / When she did suckle Hector, look'd not lovelier / Than Hector's forehead when it spit forth blood / At Grecian sword, contemning"? -> Coriolanus
2. Which smooth-talking character tells the plebeians the fable of "the belly"? -> Menenius
3. Which character is Citizen 2 talking about when he says the following: "He mock'd us when he begg'd our voices"? -> Coriolanus
4. Who says:"[h]e did so set his / teeth and tear it; O, I warrant it, how he mammocked it!" -> Brutus
5. Which character compares himself to a "lonely dragon" when he gets booted out of Rome? -> Coriolanus