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Coriolanus Resources


We Heart Shakespeare

Yeah, we'll say it: we're the best of the web! (Ooh. Hope that doesn't lead to our slaughter by the Volscians.) Check out our Shakespeare page for all the dirt on your favorite playwright.

Shakespeare, The Hunger Games, or Both?

Cool quiz tests your knowledge of character names featured in both Coriolanus and The Hunger Games.

Coriolanus on Open Source Shakespeare

Read the entire play online or do a search for your favorite characters' lines. (Also try searching for "wounds." We told you they were important.

Movie or TV Productions

Coriolanus (2011)

Gerard Butler and Ralph Fiennes kick serious butt in this contemporary adaptation of Coriolanus. (Think Shakespeare meets The Hurt Locker.)

Movies or TV Productions

BBC's Coriolanus (1984)

This is the one teachers showed in class before the 2011 film came out. It's a solid production, but students tend to think it's a snooze compared to Ralph Fiennes' action flick.

Articles and Interviews

Hamlet vs. Coriolanus

Snarky article about T.S. Eliot's love for Shakespeare's play. (And why a certain Slate writer thinks T.S. Eliot is out of his mind.)

Bloody Hell

According to writer David Edelstein's review of Coriolanus (2011), Ralph Fiennes "acts and directs the bloody hell out of" this flick. We think "bloody hell" is a pretty good description of the play. Read the review or listen to the podcast here.


Compliments of YouTube

Check out the 2011 movie trailer.

Pro Tip: Count to Ten Before Flipping Out

Clip from the 1984 BBC version of the play.

Ralph Fiennes Speaks

The actor/director dishes on Coriolanus.


Free Coriolanus Download from LibriVox

Shakespeare's plays were meant to be heard. Listen to Coriolanus, compliments of LibriVox.


Need a Hanky?

The "bloody brow" is featured Ralph Fiennes's 2011 movie poster. Seems like a sound choice, given that Coriolanus is almost always covered in blood.

Men with Guns

Screen shot from the 2011 film adaptation.

Dear Son: For Mother's Day, Please Don't Demolish Rome Love, Mom

Check out Gaspare Lundi's famous painting Venturia at the Feet of Coriolanus. (FYI: Venturia is the original name of Coriolanus' mom in Plutarch's story but Shakespeare calls her Volumnia in his play.) This painting corresponds to Act 5, scene 3, where Volumnia begs for mercy.

Mano a Mano

Coriolanus and Aufidius go toe-to-toe in this scene from a 2006 production of the play.

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