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Corporations & Stocks Introduction

What are corporations?  And what's the difference between a corporation and other types of businesses? 

Once you master those basics, you can move on to the fun stuff:  What should you do if you want to buy stocks? If you start your own business, what type of business should you form?

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Our Ph.D.s scoured the Web (so you don't have to).

We've got a lotta' links: video, music, websites, photos... you get the drift.

  • Who selects the board of directors?
  • Where do I buy stock?
  • What should investors do if stock prices are falling?

So, you think it's easy to make the big decisions? Take your turn in the hot seat.

The situation: Rad! You just inherited a boatload of cash. But can you turn that into a yacht-load by playing the stock market? Go get 'em, sailor.

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