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Corporations & Stocks
Corporations & Stocks
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Corporations & Stocks Analysis

The key concepts: what you need to know and (more importantly) why

Corporate America

A trip through the local strip mall might suggest that corporations are taking over America—everywhere you look, you'll see Starbucks and Walmarts; the locally owned "mom and pop" business might...

Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships

The most basic and fundamental type of business organization is the sole proprietorship. Within these types of businesses one individual, the sole proprietor, exercises complete control over t...

Why Incorporate?

A corporation is a very different type of business organization. Most significantly, a corporation is a business entity legally separated from its owners. When business owners decide to incorporat...


Corporations provide a different sort of benefit for their stockholders. Individuals can become partial owners in an enterprise without knowing a thing about business in general or about the specif...

The Stock Market

If you're like most students, you probably don't think much or at all about the stock market. But maybe you should.Why does the stock market matter to you? Because the stock market – and the wh...

How to Read Stock Quotes

You’re just about ready to take a dip in the market... but do you know how to read Google Finance? A Schwab account?Check out the stock data below. This is a snapshot (taken a while ago) of three...

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