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The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo


by Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 116 Summary

The Pardon

  • Danglars asks to talk to Luigi Vampa who tells him that he is operating under someone else's orders to imprison Danglars. Vampa says he can't do much about the food.
  • Trying to survive in his jail cell, Luigi uses almost all of his money up ordering food.
  • He has 50,000 francs left and decides to save his money by not ordering anymore food.
  • Days pass and he gets really, really hungry.
  • Danglars cries out in agony asking for help, and a voice responds.
  • The voice sounds very familiar to Danglars.
  • The voice is that of the Count of Monte Cristo who reveals himself to be Edmond Dantès.
  • Dantès asks Danglars if he asks for forgiveness for all of the bad things he has done in his life.
  • Danglars repents, and the Count forgives him.
  • Dantès lets Danglars go free, and Danglars is deposited by the side of a road.
  • Danglars crawls to a stream and sees that his hair is completely white, probably from the agony of imprisonment and from the shock of seeing a ghost from his past.

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