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The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo


by Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 117 Summary

The Fifth of October

  • Max meets the Count on the island of Monte Cristo.
  • His month of hanging out with the Count and trying not to kill himself is almost over.
  • The Count shows him the palace hidden in the rocks with all of its luxurious goods. The Count promises Max his entire fortune if he promises not to kill himself.
  • Max refuses the Count's generous offers and simply tells him that he wants to die since the love of his life no longer lives.
  • The Count realizes that Max's love for Valentine is the real thing.
  • The Count hands Max a vial of green liquid, and Max drinks it thinking that it is poison that will kill him.
  • Max falls into a deep sleep.
  • Valentine runs into the room, and the Count tells her to stay with Max no matter what happens in life. He tells her Max's devotion to her is incredibly powerful and that she must not ever leave him.
  • The Count also asks Valentine to look after Haydée, because Haydée will now be alone.
  • Haydée runs into the rooms and demands to know what the Count means when he says she will now be alone.
  • The Count tells her that he is going on a journey to seek God's forgiveness and to repent for his own sins.
  • Haydée can't take this idea – she is in love with the Count and doesn't want him to leave her.
  • The Count is touched by Haydée's affection and believes that God is showing His forgiveness through Haydée's love.
  • The Count and Haydée leave the room.
  • The sleeping Max and happy Valentine are left alone in the room.
  • Max wakes up and discovers Valentine.
  • The next day Max and Valentine realize that the Count and Haydée have left the island.
  • The Count has left word that they should sail to Leghorn where Noirtier is waiting to help them get married.
  • The Count has given Max and Valentine all of his land in France and Monte Cristo.
  • The Count explains to Max in his letter that he had to give Max the opportunity to really face death so that Max would know why it is important to live and to choose life.
  • The Count ends his letter saying that the most important thing a human can do (the crux of human wisdom) is to wait and hope.

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