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The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo


Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 19 Summary

The Third Seizure

  • As it turns out, Edmond already knows the isle of Monte Cristo from his sailor days.
  • Faria talks constantly about the treasure, and forces Edmond to memorize the entire letter.
  • Times passes.
  • One night, he hears a cry come from Faria's cell. Edmond heads over and finds Faria in the throes of his third seizure. The abbé tells Edmond that there's nothing he can do, but Edmond tries to revive him with the red potion nonetheless.
  • He fails. The abbé's last words are: "Monte Cristo! Do not forget Monte Cristo!" (19.35).
  • Soon enough, the jailer discovers Faria's body. Since he's a churchman, they decide that he deserves to be buried in a sack. Before they can get to burying him, the governor insists they make sure he's dead by poking him with a hot iron.
  • He's definitely dead.
  • The governor and jailers leave Faria in the cell, covered in the sack; they will bury him in the morning.

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