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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 29 Summary Page 1

The House of Morrel & Son

  • Still pretending to be an English investment dude, Edmond visits Morrel.
  • Morrel is bad. His business is about to collapse: his one remaining ship should be coming in any day now, and if it doesn't, Morrel is up a creek without a paddle. Without this shipment, he won't be able to pay his investors, and he will find himself in heavy duty debt.
  • Morrel only has two guys working for him at this point, one of whom is named Emmanuel Herbault. Emmanuel is in love with Julie, Morrel's daughter.
  • Remember that Edmond-disguised-as-English-investor just bought out the largest of Morrel's investors, and so, now, Edmond is the investor. Edmond-disguised-as-English-investor gives Morrel a three-month extension to find his ship, get his goods in order, and pay him back.
  • On his way out the door, Edmond pulls Julie aside and tells her cryptically to follow any orders she receives in the mail from a man named "Sinbad the Sailor." Dum-dee-dum-dum-DUM.

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