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The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo


by Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 40 Summary

The Breakfast

  • Three months have passed, and we're now at Albert's house in Paris, waiting for the Count to arrive for his visit.
  • Albert is super excited. He has invited all of his friends, including Lucien Debray and Beauchamp.
  • Lucien is the secretary to the minister of the interior.
  • Beauchamp is a journalist.
  • The Count's welcoming party gets bigger. The Baron of Chateau-Renaud (basically a rich dude with a title) and Maximillian Morrel (remember him?) arrive.
  • Max and the Baron go way back. Max saved the Baron's life in Constantinople once on the anniversary of the day when his father's life (Morrel Sr.) was saved by the miraculous kindness of a mysterious benefactor. Max tries to commemorate that great day by acting like Spider Man. Or any superhero. And that's how he came to save the Baron's life.
  • The Count arrives in style! And he's a big hit. He tells stories about bandits, and everyone thinks he's pretty rad.
  • The Count is totally intrigued by Max (Maximillian) Morrel.

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