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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 45 Summary Page 1

The Rain of Blood

  • Bertuccio's epic story continues in this chapter.
  • Hidden behind Caderousse's inn, Bertuccio watched Caderousse kill the jeweler and his wife (Mrs. Caderousse), taking both the money and the diamond with him as he ran out of town.
  • Because Bertuccio was at the scene of the crime, the police arrested him and accused him of the murders.
  • But Bertuccio remembered that Caderousse had been given the diamond by Abbé Busoni (a.k.a. Edmond, a.k.a. the Count), and he tells the police this bit of juicy info.
  • The police searched for Abbé Busoni, and they found him.
  • Abbé Busoni visited Bertuccio in prison.
  • The Abbé Busoni told Bertuccio to get a hold of the Count of Monte Cristo if he should ever get out of jail.
  • Soon after, Caderousse miraculously confessed to killing the jeweler and his wife.
  • Bertuccio was freed, and he went to work as the Count of Monte Cristo's steward.
  • When Bertuccio was away one day, Benedetto (who was eleven years-old at the time) tortured and killed Bertuccio's sister-in-law who had been a kind of mother to Benedetto.
  • This is Bertuccio's story.

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