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The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo


by Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 61 Summary

How a Gardener May Get Rid of the Dormice

  • The Count finds a telegraph office and convinces (with money) the telegraph dude to send a made-up telegraph.
  • Lucien Debray (Mrs. Danglars's lover) visits her to tell her that he has confidential information that there is about to be a revolution in Spain. He discovered this news via a particular telegraph report (ahem) that he got wind of (being the powerful government agent that he is).
  • Lucien Debray tells Mrs. Danglars to sell all of her Spanish bonds. She does.
  • The world is in uproar with the news of revolution in Spain; that is, until newspapers report that the news is false – there actually is no revolution in Spain.
  • The Danglars lose a LOT of money.

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