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The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo


by Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 78 Summary

We Hear From Yanina

  • Franz sends Villefort a letter telling him the marriage to Valentine is off.
  • Noirtier rigs his will again to state that he will leave everything he has and owns to his granddaughter, Valentine, as long as she is never separated from him.
  • Fernand visits the Danglars to firm up the details of his son's (Albert) marriage to Eugénie, but Danglars tells him that the marriage is off – he has different plans for Eugénie but doesn't say what they are.
  • Beauchamp's newspaper runs a teensy little article which tells the story of Ali Pasha, saying that the Greek ruler had been ruined by a man named Fernand.
  • Albert goes crazy when he reads this article, thinking that someone is trying to ruin his father by connecting him to this Ali Pasha situation.
  • Though the Count tries to tell Albert to cool, Albert threatens Beauchamp, telling him that if he doesn't remove Albert from that article and apologize, Albert will face him in a duel.
  • Beauchamp asks for three weeks to really investigate the story further.

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