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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 83 Summary Page 1

The Hand of God

  • After Benedetto stabs Caderousse (just as the Count knew he would), Abbé Busoni brings the wounded Caderousse into his house and makes him sign a document stating that Benedetto is indeed his murderer.
  • Abbé Busoni tries to make Caderousse ask for God's forgiveness for all of the evil, cruel, horrible things he has done in his life, but Caderousse won't budge.
  • Then, Abbé Busoni tells Caderousse that he is really Edmond Dantès, the man whose life he ruined so many years before in Marseilles, and Caderousse is thoroughly shocked.
  • Caderousse then realizes that there is a higher power and divine justice in the world.
  • Caderousse dies.
  • The police search for Benedetto.

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