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The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo


by Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 9 Summary

The Evening of the Betrayal

  • That same evening, Villefort makes his way back to the Saint-Méran house. He lets everyone know that he must take his leave, and asks for a moment in private with the Marquis.
  • He tells Mademoiselle de Saint-Méran that he must leave for a few days.
  • After moving to the Marquis' private study, Villefort tells his future father-in-law that he should sell any government stock he has, and requests that he procure a letter that will allow him an audience to the King. He makes it clear that he – and he alone – should be seen as the bearer of the news he has. If all goes to plan, he tells to Marquis, my career will be secure.
  • With that, Villefort takes his leave and heads outside to catch his ride to Paris. This time he's intercepted by Mercédès, who demands to know where Edmond's been taken.
  • Though he feels bad for her, all he can manage to say to Mercédès is "no comment." He makes one last stop at M. Saint-Méran's – it's not clear, but it seems that he and his wife maintain two residences – where he says his goodbyes to the Marquise and his fiancée.
  • Meanwhile, Mercédès returns to her home, followed by Fernand, who spends the evening watching her while she sleeps. (Creepy, no?)
  • M. Morrel won't stop trying to help Edmond. He does his best to find information about his friend, but soon he realizes that there's not much he can do.
  • Caderousse gets wasted.
  • Danglars sleeps like a baby.
  • Villefort, after obtaining the necessary letter, kisses everyone goodbye and heads off.
  • Old Dantès is already dying with grief.
  • And, well, Edmond's still in prison.

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