The Count of Monte Cristo
The Count of Monte Cristo
by Alexandre Dumas
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The Count of Monte Cristo Hatred Quotes Page 3

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Quote #7

"Oh, you know what I think about duels. I explained my ideas to you in Rome, don't you remember?"

"Despite which, my dear Count, I found you just now, this very morning, engaged in a pastime that seems to accord ill with those ideas."

"Because, you must understand, my dear friend, one should never be exclusive. When one lives among madmen, one should train as a maniac. From one minute to the next, some hothead, with no greater reason to seek a quarrel with me than you have to seek one with Beauchamp, will come and hunt me out on the first flimsy pretext he can find, or send me his seconds, or insult me in a public place. Well, I shall be obliged to kill him." (78.166-8)

Monte Cristo would no doubt be more responsive if he felt Albert had a reason to quarrel. His reaction is a variation on the "harm done for no cause" argument.

Quote #8

"If only someone would come so that I could denounce the wretch!"

"Would you like me to write out your statement?"

"Yes, yes," said Caderousse, his eyes shining at the idea of posthumous revenge. (83.128-130)

Not only can hatred make a man work and wait for ten years, it can make a man lust for vengeance from beyond the grave.

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