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Alexandre Dumas

A website dedicated entirely to Alexandre Dumas.

A Bibliography

Discover the many works of Alexandre Dumas.

Movie or TV Productions

The Count of Monte Cristo, 2002

Starring James Caviezel as Edmond Dantès.

The Count of Monte Cristo, 1934

Starring Robert Donat as Edmond Dantès.

Le Comte de Monte Cristo, 1998

A French television series of The Count of Monte Cristo, featuring Gerard Depardieu.


Orson Welles and the Count

Check out Orson Welles's audio production of The Count of Monte Cristo.

Listen to The Count

Find a full audiobook version of The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo Audiobook SPONSORED

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Imagining the Island of Monte Cristo

Begin to imagine what the Count's island might look like.

Beautiful Marseilles

Take a look at the coastal town.

Chateau d'If

Check out the prison where Edmond hung out for almost 14 years.

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