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Biology—Semester B

Evolve your bio knowledge.

You know the Circle of Life? Well, it turns out that's not just a catchy tune that Disney made up, but a real thing.

Get ready to get the details on all that stuff you think you already know. This course is all about understanding the processes behind life as we know it. That means we'll

  • start at the "bottom" of the biological pyramid with molecules and cells,
  • work through genetics and evolution,
  • and emerge victorious at the top of the pyramid with plants, animals, and ecology.

All with interactive lessons and engaging readings to keep you going with the vigor of flesh-eating bacteria.

P.S. Biology is a two-semester course. You're looking at Semester B, but you can check out Semester A here.

Course Breakdown

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    Unit 7. Evolution

    This unit starts by saluting the father of evolution, Mr. Charles Darwin. From there we'll move on to the golden topic of the unit: natural selection. After that, the mechanisms of evolution, and finally, how an entirely new species can arise. Once students recover from the speciation revelation, we'll geek out by looking at evidence of evolution like fossils.

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    Unit 8. Population Genetics

    What do you get when you cross Mendel and Darwin? Population genetics. This unit takes the study of both fields further, looking at how populations evolve, the role of mutations in evolution, what the deal is with lethal alleles, and the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium principle.

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    Unit 9. Ecology

    This unit moves beyond the individual organisms studied in the previous units and explores how organisms interact with their environments. Starting with biodiversity, we'll learn about species interactions, population ecology, energy cycles, and how energy gets from plants into us.

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    Unit 10. Microorganisms

    In this unit, Shmoop's got the scoop on all (living) things microscopic. Students will learn about the structures and functions of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites, and show off their newfound knowledge by creating a CDC brochure.

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    Unit 11. Plants

    Shmoop thinks that plants are seriously underrated. They can make their own food from light and they reproduce without even moving. In this unit, we'll get intimately familiar with plants, focusing on plant evolution, physiology, and ecology.

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    Unit 12. Animals

    To round out this course, we'll learn the ins and outs (literally!) of animals, including one we're all intimately familiar with: human beings. After a brief foray into different classifications of animals, we'll focus on physiology, including everyone's favorite systems, the circulatory, nervous, endocrine, and immune systems.


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  • Course Length: 18 weeks
  • Course Number: 210
  • Grade Levels: 9, 10
  • Course Type: Basic
  • Category:
    • Science
  • Prerequisites:
    Biology—Semester A

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