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The Compare and Contrast Essay

Like a normal essay, but better.

If you've ever been flummoxed by an essay prompt that goes

  • Explain what _________has in common with ___________ .
  • How are ________ and _________ similar and different?
  • What's the difference between __________ and ______________?

Or, if your teacher's trying to be really obvious about it,

  • Compare and contrast ___________ and ____________,

then you need this course.

We show you a fool-proof way of organizing all those similarities and differences into something that doesn't look like the inside of your locker. We also show you how to go from something that resembles a grocery list to an actual essay with a thesis, body, introduction, and conclusion—the works.

And most important: We show you how to get people to actually care about all those similarities and differences you just organized into an A-worthy essay. Your readers will thank us. Tell them we like chocolate.

Course Breakdown

    Unit 1. The Compare and Contrast Essay

    This course is the cure for what ails the common compare and contrast essay. We break down the process into its simplest components, scaffolding the writing process and building up toward a beautiful, complete, thoughtful compare and contrast essay.

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