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It's alive!

Well over a hundred years before Hollywood's horror industry got its hands on the story, 19th-century readers were getting their pants scared off of them by a short little book written by an 18-year-old girl.

Yep, we're talking about Frankenstein.

This book engages with questions like...Should there be limits to scientific inquiry? What's the relationship between human rationality and human emotion? What's the role of the individual in relation to society or to the family? Are we all doomed to be destroyed by situations of our own making? (RIP Malibu Barbie, Victim of the Easy Bake Oven Fire of 2001.)

This course will throw all sorts of readings, activities, and lessons your way to help you

  • understand Frankenstein's origin story. (It's aliiiiiiive!)
  • identify and discuss both the form and genre of Frankenstein. Spoiler alert: it's not your regular ol' novel.
  • analyze Frankenstein in relation to both Romanticism and the Enlightenment. Oh, and know what those words mean.
  • remember that Frankenstein is the scientist, not the monster.

Course Breakdown

    Unit 1. Frankenstein

    Spoiler alert: Frankenstein isn't the name of the monster. You'll learn that and more (like, way more) in this 15-lesson unit on everyone's favorite ghost story.

  • Course Length: 3 weeks
  • Grade Levels: 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Course Type: Short Course
  • Category:
    • Literature
    • English
    • College Prep

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