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The Great Gatsby

What's so great about him, anyway?

Babes, booze, and beautiful cars. Not quite how you'd imagine the description of a classic American novel, is it? Well, F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby has all three in spades—not to mention, some of the most famous bits of writing and dialogue ever put to paper. This course will cover the book for what it is: a dramatic look at dreams, love, and society during the Roaring '20s that is endlessly praised as the Great American Novel.

Alcohol may be prohibited in Gatsby's world, but you know what's not? Dozens of engaging readings and Common Core-aligned activities that will help you understand:

  • Themes of love, desire, and identity as they appear in narrative storytelling.
  • Depictions of class and consumerism in the novel.
  • The portrayal of women, the wealthy, and the middle class in Fitzgerald's work.
  • The historical and literary context surrounding The Great Gatsby.

Course Breakdown

Unit 1. The Great Gatsby

In this 15-lesson unit, we'll figure out what makes Gatsby so great and why on earth Fitzgerald uses phrases like "somnambulatory abstraction."

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