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HOPE—Semester A

Does a body good.

Technology has brought us many glorious things, like iPads, rocket ships, and Shmoop. But nothing is more glorious than the opportunity to learn about health and physical fitness from Shmoop instead of from your drill sergeant gym teacher.

Does that mean that Shmoop's Health Opportunities Through Physical Education course is a piece of cake? No way. HOPE is a rigorous course meant to blow your mind with all the information you need to know to develop your physical fitness and maintain a healthy lifestyle. (And we certainly wouldn't recommend you eat cake.) It's kind of like a burpee: a little difficult but oh so satisfying.

In this course, aligned to Florida state standards, you'll learn how to manage your own health and fitness. By the end of our lessons, projects, and Shmoop-led workouts, you'll be able to

  • care for the mental health of yourself and others.
  • plan a fitness routine which improves your cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance, and flexibility.
  • understand the basics of nutrition and plan a healthy diet.
  • integrate healthy practices and physical activity into your lifestyle.
  • develop the knowledge to know what's fitness wisdom and what's bunk.

This is the first semester of our HOPE course. Check out Semester B here.

Course Breakdown

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    Unit 1. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

    In this first unit of our HOPE course, we cover the basics of mental health and physical fitness, including goal setting, dealing with stress, depression, peer pressure, and what the heck a physical activity pyramid is. Shmoop eases you into physical fitness by guiding you through daily exercises.

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    Unit 2. Work It: Bodies in Motion

    This unit digs deep into the world of fitness. We'll learn the details of cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance training, and flexibility as well as how to evaluate health claims in the media and put together a solid fitness plan. In this unit, we'll continue to guide you through a series of exercises.

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    Unit 3. Nutrition and Fitness: Does a Body Good

    Taking care of the body is the topic of this unit. We spend time learning the basics of nutrition and healthy eating and creating a nutrition plan. The unit also covers the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and why it's important to keep yourself motivated. And—you guessed it—we'll continue to lead you in your fitness while you put together your own personalized fitness plan.


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  • Course Length: 19 weeks
  • Grade Levels: 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Course Type: Basic
  • Category:
    • Health, Physical Education, and Counseling

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